Who’s Who in the Wars of the Roses

The fascinating history of England has seen many intriguing figures over the years, but some of the most captivating of these were during the period of the Wars of the Roses, or the English Civil War when two houses from the same family fought for the crown of England.

The Wars of the Roses was fought between the houses of York and Lancaster and lasted from the opening of hostilities in 1455 until 1485 when the Lancastrians secured a victory. It heralded the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the English Renaissance, as well as the founding of the Tudor dynasty, one of the most successful royal lines.

Now, in Who’s Who in the Wars of the Roses, you have the chance to learn about some of the most notable figures who participated in the war which shaped the way England was to be governed for hundreds of years.

From Henry VI and Elizabeth Woodville to Margaret of Anjou and the mystery of the Princes in the Tower, you will discover the stories behind these history-making people and the actions they took which helped to forge a nation and marked the beginning of an era of massive change.

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