The Unsung Heroes of the Civil War

When it comes to the Civil War, we all know popular names like Lincoln, Grant, Custer, Lee, Sherman, and more. Most of the most famous names have been commemorated in public spaces across America in some way or other, movies have been made about their lives, books written about their exploits, and they are taught about in school.

Yes, they were heroes, but they were not the only heroes in the Civil War. Some lesser known and even unknown names contributed just much, and sometimes more, to the war effort, saving lives and leading great battle victories. They deserve to be honored just as much as the big names.

Whatever their contribution, these are people who deserve to be remembered. Here are the stories of the unsung heroes of the Civil War.

  1. William Harvey Carney
  2. John Clem
  3. David McMurtrie Gregg
  4. Curtis King
  5. Sarah Emma Edmonds
  6. Mary Elizabeth Bowser
  7. Harriet Tubman
  8. John Parke
  9. Robert Smalls
  10. Andre Cailloux
  11. Clara Barton

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