The Joy of Photography #07

This 205-page ebook consists of a collection of thirty articles that I have written over the past several years. I hope that it will provide you with plenty of food for thought in your photogaphy.

The Joy of Photography #7 will include things like:

1. The Arguments in Favor of Streamlining
2. Answering the Question: What is Your Best Work?
3. Making Goals: Planning for the Short, Medium and Long Terms
4. Networking with Your Fellow Photographers
5. The Devil is In the Details
6. Getting Children Engaged in Photography
7. Choosing Your New Camera
8. Thoughts on Perfection and Reality TV
9. What Makes a Photograph Powerful?
10. The Double Lives of Photographers
11. When Expectations Don't Meet Reality
12. Literary Conflict as Inspiration
13. Reasons to Revisit the Past
14. Buying a New Camera — Without the Stress
15. The True Meaning of Originality
16. 4 Ways to Put Yourself into a Creative Mindset
17. What is the Value of Prints?
18. The Rookery
19. Working with the Ideas You’ve Already Had
20. Tips for Planning a Photography Project
21. The Photographer's Voice
22. Waterfalls of Virginia & West Virginia: Travel Guide and Art Book in One
23. Finding Ways Around Physical Limitations in Your Photography
24. Technology is Just a Tool
25. Letting Art Happen
26. Physical Wellness as it Relates to Creative Wellness
27. The Dangers of Interrupting a Creative
28. Avoid Becoming the Jaded Photographer
29. Practice Using the Artistic Study
30. Photography is About Relationships, not Subjects

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