The Joy of Photography #05

This 171-page ebook consists of a collection of twenty five articles that I have written over the past few years. I hope that it will provide you with plenty of food for thought.

With 25 chapters you can learn all about:

  1. Which Lenses Belong in Your Kit?
  2. How to Create Beautiful Architectural Photography
  3. Understanding the Effective Black and White Image
  4. Advanced Concepts in Landscape Photography
  5. Creating and Using Sky Overlays
  6. Where Art and Philosophy Meet: Should Art Be Interpretive?
  7. A Primer in the History and Use of HDR Photography
  8. A Quick Lesson in the History of Flash Photography
  9. Insights In the Way Painters Began Using Light
  10. Understanding the Human Eye
  11. Perfecting Portraiture #1: Eyes
  12. Perfecting Portraiture #2: Skin
  13. Perfecting Portraiture #3: Hair
  14. Perfecting Portraiture #4: Posing and the Finer Points
  15. Determination is the Key to Photography
  16. How Stephen King's Methodology Applies to Photography
  17. Change is Good
  18. Never Stop Experimenting
  19. A Brief History of Neon Lighting
  20. Tips and Tricks for Photographing Neon Lighting
  21. Analyzing the Abstract
  22. Is It Art or Just a Gimmick?
  23. Connecting Instead of Observing
  24. Overcoming Assumptions
  25. Why Spontaneity Doesn't Work

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