The Joy of Photography #04

This new 201-page ebook consists of a collection of thirty articles that I have written over the past year. I hope that it will provide you with plenty of food for thought.

  1. Is Photography Becoming Cheap and Meaningless?
  2. Why Do We Make Photographs?
  3. The Artists of World War II (The Ghost Army)
  4. Don't Forget to Experience Life as You Pursue Art
  5. Self-Examination as a Photographer
  6. You Get What You Pay For
  7. Learning How to Learn
  8. A Photographer’s Frustrations
  9. How the Right Tones Effect Your Photographs
  10. Light Sources and How to Work with Them
  11. Exploring Photojournalism
  12. The Barriers that Stop Us from Enjoying Art
  13. The Best Camera is the Camera that Works with You
  14. Should You Stick to One Genre or Should You Diversify?
  15. The Biltmore: A Beautiful Piece of American History You Must See in Person if You Can
  16. Must Photos Always be Rectangular?
  17. The Use of Symbolism in Photography
  18. Reminiscing About Film
  19. Lessons that Creative People Can Teach You
  20. Gear That Isn't Related to Your Camera, But That You Should Carry Anyway
  21. Culture, Permission and Photography
  22. Defining Traditional, Modern and Postmodern Photography
  23. Marketing Photography: The Dream Versus Reality
  24. Mathew Brady: Photographing the Civil War
  25. Capturing the Moment
  26. Congratulations On Your Photo-a-Day Projects!
  27. The Many Meanings of Perspective
  28. On Writing and Photography
  29. The Importance of Scheduling to Beat Inertia
  30. How To Give Photographs as Gifts

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