The Joy of Photography #02

This 162-page ebook consists of a collection of thirty articles that I have written over the past few years. I hope that it will provide you with plenty of food for thought.

Within the pages of this ebook you will learn...

  1. Breaking Away From the Cliches
  2. The Photographer’s Creative Process
  3. Introduction to Photographing the Night Sky
  4. 7 Photography Tips and Techniques for Capturing Historical Reenactments
  5. Learning from the Masters: Where to Look at Fine Art Photographs
  6. Portraying Raw Emotion in Photography: A Lesson from Helen Levitt
  7. The Beauty of Abstract Photography
  8. 5 Tips for Beautiful Fall Photography
  9. Improve Your Skills with a Photo-A-Day Project
  10. 3 Essential Principles of Color Photography
  11. 7 Reasons to Experiment with Film Photography
  12. How to Design a Professional Portfolio
  13. Breaking the Rules of Photography for the Sake of Art
  14. When Science Becomes Art: Three Historic Photographers that Show How Photography Evolved
  15. How to Use a Neutral Density Filter
  16. 7 Fall Tips for Your Next Autumn Portrait Session
  17. What You Can Learn from Still Life Photography
  18. An Honest Look at ARAT Photography
  19. 8 Tips for the Perfect Candid Photos
  20. Thoughts on Contrast in Art and Photography
  21. Essential Tips and Techniques for Captivating Sports Photography
  22. How to Properly Label Those Photos You Inherited
  23. Sometimes, the Correct Methods and Techniques Are Wrong
  24. Early Photography and the Elderly
  25. The Camera Obscura: Photography's First Ancestor
  26. A Deeper Look into Composition
  27. Learning to Critique Photography
  28. A Guide to Real Estate Photography
  29. 4 Ways to Create a Powerful Portfolio
  30. 5 Problems You'll Face as a Photographer

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