The Joy of Photography #01

This 145-page ebook consists of a collection of thirty articles that I have written over the past few years. I hope that it will provide you with plenty of food for thought.

The Joy of Photography, #1, will include things like:

  1. Mastering the Aperture
  2. Tips for Photographers on Vacation
  3. Mastering Composition
  4. Tips for Photographers on Respecting Culture
  5. The Joy of Photographing Waterfalls
  6. Photography Fundamentals: Shutter Speed
  7. Choosing Between Prime and Zoom Lenses
  8. Learning to Balance Exposure with ISO
  9. Making Art When Everything's been Done Before
  10. Pareidolia and the Power of Suggestion
  11. Learning to Be Your Own Worst Critic (Self-Critiquing Your Own Images)
  12. Too Much or Too Little? Building Interest in Your Images
  13. Gear Isn't Everything
  14. Revisiting Your Old Work
  15. Why Should Your Photos Stand Alone?
  16. Give Your Creativity a Push: The Importance of Starting
  17. Developing Your Photographic Style
  18. Why Are People Still Drawn to the Black and White Image?
  19. How Photography Changed the World, Part 1
  20. How Photography Changed the World, Part 2
  21. Scouting Great New Locations for Photography
  22. Shooting During the Golden Hour
  23. 8 Tips for Taking Great Wildlife Images at the Zoo
  24. Using Rim Lighting to Make Your Subjects Pop
  25. How to Create Beautifully Realistic HDR Photographs
  26. Miniaturizing Real Life with the Diorama Effect
  27. The History of Digital Photography
  28. Foolproof Backup Options That Will Safeguard Your Images
  29. The Process of Photographing Falling Rain
  30. Why the Pros Shoot in RAW

And with a background to the history of digital photography, making the most of the diorama effect and backup options to make sure that your precious images are retained and saved this is the perfect book for beginners and those who may need some additional help.

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