Genealogy Helps #13

This 201-page ebook consists of a collection of thirty articles that I have written over the past several years. I hope that it will provide you with plenty of food for thought in your genealogy adventures.

  1. Your Polish Surname and its Meaning
  2. The Origin and Meaning of Your Dutch Surname
  3. The Meaning of Your Scandinavian Surname
  4. The Origin and Meaning of Finnish Surnames
  5. The Origin and Meaning of Scottish Surnames
  6. The Origin and Meaning of Your Greek Surname
  7. Meningioma and DNA Heredity
  8. Using Honor Rolls to Trace Your WWI Ancestors
  9. Your Foot Shape and Your Genealogy
  10. Do You Have Any Shaker Ancestors? Here’s How to Trace Them
  11. How to be the Best Family Archivist in Five Easy Steps
  12. Improving Your Family Tree by Understanding Genealogical Relationship Terms
  13. History’s Mysteries—The Winchester Mystery House
  14. Irish Holiday Traditions
  15. German Christmas Traditions
  16. French Christmas Traditions
  17. Russian Christmas Traditions You Should Know
  18. Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio
  19. What is the Indo-European Language, and What Does it Have to Do with Your Ancestry?
  20. A History of the Postcard
  21. The Empire State Building—A History
  22. The Washington Monument—America’s Obelisk
  23. Valentine’s Day and Our Ancestors
  24. Genuine Irish St. Patrick’s Day Traditions
  25. Finding and Fact-Checking Old Obituaries in Online Newspaper Archives
  26. Genealogy Resources for Irish History Month
  27. The Difference between II and Jr.
  28. Uncommon Genealogy Research Items: Old Recipes
  29. Some Common Cajun Surnames and Their Meanings
  30. Should You Attend a Genealogy Conference?

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