Genealogy Helps #12

The thrill of tracing the lineage of your family through the ages is brought to life with Genealogy Helps #12. Brimming full of ideas, tips, and advice on what to look for and where to find it, this is one book which you cannot afford to miss reading.

This 183-page ebook offers insights and ideas into many lines of inquiry that you may not have previously considered, with items such as:

  1. What is the History of Daylight Savings Time, and Why Do We Have It?
  2. How to Stay Motivated With Your Genealogy Research
  3. The Ten Best Genealogy Websites for Beginners
  4. What is Up with the Changing Date of Easter?
  5. Why is Doing Irish Genealogy so Challenging, and What Can You Do about It?
  6. How to Communicate with Your DNA Matches the Proper Way
  7. How to Do More Effective Old Newspaper Searches
  8. Do You Have Mayflower Ancestry? Here is How to Prove It
  9. The Top Things that Make Genealogy a Fun, Fascinating Hobby
  10. Giving Back to the Genealogical Community? Here’s Why You Should, and How You Can
  11. MisIndexing: A Common Brick Wall and How to Get Around It
  12. Are We All Royalty? Mathematics Seems to Prove It
  13. How to Locate Hidden Genealogical Gems on
  14. Some Free Genealogical Resources You Might Not Have Considered
  15. How to Use Old Newspaper Advertisements to Research the Childhood Lives of Your Ancestors
  16. How to Handle the Emotional Response from Genealogy DNA Testing
  17. Why is Genealogy Tourism So Popular, and How Can You Use it to Add to Your Research?
  18. Silicon Valley Has its Eyes on Owning Our Genealogy. Why?
  19. What is a Genealogy Wiki?
  20. The Connecticut Witch Trials—Witch Hysteria in America Long Before Salem
  21. Tips to Find Ancestors with Frustratingly Common Surnames
  22. Using Freedmen’s Records in Genealogical Research
  23. Do You Have Irish Genealogy? Use This Handy Surname Guide to Trace Your Heritage
  24. What You Need to Know About French Surnames
  25. Your Guide to Spanish Last Names and Their Meanings
  26. Italian Surnames: Their History and Meaning
  27. What Your German Surname Says About Your Ancestors
  28. How to Use Muster Rolls to Your Advantage in Genealogy Research
  29. Do You Have a Jewish Surname in Your Family Tree? Here are Some Meanings
  30. Russian Surnames and Their Meanings

Tracing your family tree can be a fun and entertaining hobby for all the family and the thrill of finding someone famous, or infamous, remains the same for any age group.

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