Genealogy Helps #11

Are you interested in genealogy? Have you been researching the past in the hope of unearthing amazing family connections?

The latest volume of the exciting series can help with that! Researching family, history and events has always been popular, but with the advent of the internet, it has taken a giant leap forward and now millions of people are eager to know what their ancestors did at various points in time.

To help you with that, this 197 ebook offers insights and ideas into many lines of inquiry that you may not have previously considered, with items such as:

  1. Using Local Historical and Genealogical Societies to Further Your Genealogy
  2. How Did They End Up There?
  3. How to Start Studying World War II History
  4. What Stories Are Your Ancestors’ Headstones Telling You?
  5. Creating New Genealogists: The Secret
  6. Double Dating in Genealogy
  7. What are Some of the Best Genealogy Magazines Out There?
  8. Tips for Deciphering Illegible Ancient Documents
  9. Not Getting Enough Responses to Your DNA Match Requests? Here’s How to Get More
  10. The Science of Aerial Photography in WWI
  11. Five Important Time-Saving Tips for Getting Your Genealogy Research Done
  12. 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Census Records
  13. The Do’s and Don'ts of Genealogy Research
  14. 6 Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage Records
  15. Who Was St. Nick (aka Santa Clause)?
  16. 20 Surprisingly Handy Stocking Stuffers for Genealogist
  17. Give Your Genealogy an Annual Checkup
  18. The History of the Christmas Tree
  19. What to Do When Your Family Tree Research Uncovers Unwanted Information
  20. Tips to Write an Excellent Genealogy Blog
  21. Tips for Building a Flawless Family Tree
  22. What Makes Genealogy So Important?
  23. Tips for Doing Middle Name Research
  24. A Review of Family Tree Magazine
  25. How Popular is Genealogy?
  26. 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting DNA Testing for Genealogy
  27. The Last Holdout of the Confederacy—The Story of Town Line, New York
  28. The History of President’s Day
  29. How to Use Google Images to Further Your Genealogy Research
  30. Six Steps to Become a Better Researcher

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