Genealogy Helps #10

Are you interested in genealogy? Have you been researching the past in the hope of unearthing amazing family connections?

The latest volume of the exciting series can help with that!
Researching family, history and events has always been popular, but with the advent of the internet, it has taken a giant leap forward and now millions of people are eager to know what their ancestors did at various points in time.

To help you with that, this 205-page ebook offers insights and ideas into many lines of inquiry that you may not have previously considered, with items such as:

  1. Mathew Brady: Photographing the Civil War
  2. A History of Plymouth Rock
  3. Why You Should Absolutely Take the Time to Document Your Family History Research
  4. The Different Types of Libraries Used in Genealogical Research, and Their Unique Values
  5. Five Important Time-Saving Tips for Getting Your Genealogy Research Done
  6. How to Get the Most Out of a Trip to Your Ancestral Homeland
  7. Spitfire: The Tiger of the Skies
  8. The Contribution of British Women in WWII
  9. How MLK Day Became a Federal Holiday
  10. The Genealogy of Blue People
  11. How to Use Cluster Research to Find Those Hidden Ancestors
  12. The Scots-Irish and How to Research Them
  13. Unusual Sources for Finding Old Family Photos
  14. 761st Tank Battalion: The Black Panthers
  15. Reading History to Understand Your Ancestors
  16. Resource Guide to Canadian Genealogy
  17. The Fighting American Doughboys
  18. New Ways to Find Maiden Names
  19. Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in America
  20. A Review of Stories of Ipswich
  21. WWII Japanese American Internment and Relocation Records in the National Archives
  22. What is PERSI and How Can You Use it to Improve Your Genealogy Research?
  23. How to Make Sure the Stories of Your Family Heirlooms Don't Get Lost
  24. Celebrating Our National Heritage: A History of the 4th of July
  25. Using Negative Evidence to Prove Relationships
  26. The History of the Quakers, and How to Find Your Quaker Ancestors
  27. DNA: The Future of Unlocking Your True Family History
  28. Tips on Researching Your African-American Family History Before 1870
  29. Is There Another Way to Find Your Cherokee Ancestors Rather Than the Dawes Rolls?
  30. How to Trace Your Ancestor’s World War I History

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