Genealogy Helps #7

Did your ancestors travel west by wagon train? Do you know the real history behind Thanksgiving? Do you know the history behind the surprise Missouri earthquake of 1811? Genealogy Helps #7, provides you with an inside knowledge of not only the people but of the momentous events that shaped the United States.

Within the 132-pages of this volume of the amazing series of e-books you’ll discover more than just your ancestors and the ways to trace them through the ages, you’ll also find information on;

  • 9 exciting volunteer opportunities for genealogists
  • 8 things new genealogists waste money on
  • The 4 best free genealogy websites
  • Why it’s important to preserve ancient family traditions
  • Oregon Trail ancestry: Did your ancestors travel the trail?
  • Tricks for finding the unknown burial location of an ancestor
  • European censuses
  • And much more…

But do you also know about the ‘Ghost’ State of Jefferson, or the Blizzard of 1886, when the west froze to a standstill?

Filled with project ideas, genealogy resources, conferences and genealogy societies you can join, Genealogy Helps #7 is the ultimate resource for you. This edition even assists with how to research and add beloved pets to your family tree, a fabulous addition for any genealogist.

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