Genealogy Helps #05

When it comes to researching family trees, tracing lineage and learning a little bit more of our amazing history, Genealogy Helps, #5 is another great ebook, packed with simple and valuable tools.

Genealogy Helps, Volume 5, will include things like:

  1. When Vermont Was a Nation: A Closer Look at Our 14th State
  2. The Top Online Resources for Researching Your French Ancestors
  3. What is the Genealogical Proof Standard and Why Should You Use It?
  4. The Evolution of Florida
  5. What is a Reasonable Conclusion in Genealogy?
  6. George Washington, the Masons, the White House, and the Case of the Missing Cornerstone
  7. The French and Native American Relations
  8. How Much of the Original White House is Actually Left?
  9. Simple Tips for Reading Old Genealogy Documents
  10. Adams and the Alien and Sedition Act
  11. How To Solve The Biggest Problems In Your Genealogy Research
  12. How to Approach Living Relatives for Genealogical Information
  13. Using Cemetery Records to Uncover Unknown Ancestors
  14. Oklahoma, the Natives, and US Settlement
  15. Why Did Some African Americans Fight for the Confederacy?
  16. Genealogical Adventures in Town Halls
  17. How to Find Family Members for Homeless Genealogical Artifacts
  18. The History of Diaries: Did Your Ancestor Keep One?
  19. Why Understanding Ancient Laws is Important in Genealogy
  20. Where Were the Pilgrims Really Going?
  21. Mystery Ancestor? How to Discover Their Origins Using Documents and DNA
  22. Mail Order Brides: A History of Love in the Wild West
  23. How to Make Your Written Family History More Exciting
  24. What to Do if a Genealogical Record is Sealed
  25. Using DAR Application Papers to Discover Your Ancestors
  26. What Can the British College of Arms Do for You?
  27. Guest Books: A Genealogical Treasure Trove
  28. Online and Offline Genealogical Resources for Alabama
  29. Low Tech Record Keeping for Your Genealogical Research
  30. How to Find a Wife’s Name When it’s Not Obvious

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