Genealogy Helps #03

The thrill of tracing the lineage of your family through the ages is brought to life with Genealogy Helps, Volume 3. Brimming full of ideas, tips and advice on what to look for and where to find it, this is one book which you cannot afford to miss reading.

With simple and effective strategies, as well as unusual ideas and a generous smattering of US history, Genealogy Helps, Volume 3, takes a look deep into the records of the past, with information on;

    1. How to Use Women’s Clothing to Identify 19th Century Photographs
    2. The Missouri Compromise: What Was it and How Did it
      Contribute to the Civil War?
    3. The Seminole Wars: A Brief History of the Settlement of
    4. Alternative Sources for Tracking Your Ancestors: City
      Directories, Social Sections of Old Newspapers, and School Yearbooks
    5. Search Tricks for Locating Your Ancestors in an Online
    6. Have You Visited Angel Island?
    7. The Mayflower Pioneers: The Hardships They Encountered
    8. Where Did Your Ancestor Live? How to Interpret Plat Maps
    9. Why Citing Sources is Crucial in Genealogy and How to Do it
    10. Quaker Persecutions in Puritan Massachusetts
    11. Identifying Old Photographs: How to Do It and How It Can
      Help Your Research
    12. Surname Studies: How They Can Help You Find Your
    13. American Indians: Selling American Colonists to Canada
    14. Christmas Traditions and Genealogy
    15. Mayflower Passengers: Not All Were There for Religious

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