Genealogy Helps #02

Genealogy Helps is back with another great ebook, packed with simple and effective ideas on some of the best places to look, as well as some of the more unusual ones, when you are searching for what your ancestor’s did before you were even thought of.

Genealogy Helps, Volume 2, not only looks at the places you are likely to find the information you want, but delves deep into American and World history, helps you when you get stuck and hit a brick with ideas like;

  1. The Louisiana Purchase controversy
  2. Did the Document Trail Run Dry? Here Are More Places to Look
  3. Why Oral Histories Are So Crucial to Good Genealogy #1
  4. Why Oral Histories Are So Crucial to Good Genealogy #2
  5. Using military records to construct family trees
  6. Why Was President Johnson Really Impeached, and Why Did He Get to Keep His Office?
  7. Witches in the Family? Resources for Researching the Families of the Salem Witch Trials
  8. Tracing Your New Jersey Ancestors: Online and Offline Resources
  9. How to Overcome the Difficulties of Finding Female Ancestors
  10. Where Did Your Ancestor Live? How to Interpret Plat Maps
  11. Native Americans in the Civil War: A Forgotten History
  12. 11 Genealogy Research Tips to Use at Your Next Family Reunion
  13. 3 Photo Identification Tips You Never Knew
  14. Organizing and Storage Tips for Your Genealogy Research
  15. What is an Abstract and Why Do You Need to Use Them in Genealogy Research?
  16. How to Select the Right Family Tree Software
  17. Using eBay to Further Your Genealogical Research
  18. Tracing Your Pennsylvania Ancestors
  19. Genealogical Numbering: What is it and How to Use It
  20. DNA Testing: What the Different Types Can Tell You
  21. Identifying the Era of a Photo By its Type
  22. Joining a Surname Study: Where to Find Them and What You Can Get Out of Them
  23. What is a Haplogroup and What Can It Tell You About Your Family Tree?
  24. Finding Unnamed Ancestors on the 1790-1840 Censuses
  25. Fun Tips for Getting Your Children Involved in Genealogy
  26. More Photo Identification Tips: Hairstyles of the 19th Century
  27. How to Use Family Lore to Discover the Real Stories
  28. How to Read Old Handwriting: A Primer
  29. What Are County History Books and How Can They Help With Your Genealogy?
  30. How to Use Book Databases to Further Your Family History

Tracing your family tree can be a fun and entertaining hobby for all the family and the thrill of finding someone famous, or infamous, remains the same for any age group.

So dig deep into Genealogy Helps, Volume 2, and become immersed in this thorough and engaging ebook. Let it help you to further your family history and find the hidden gems you’ve always been looking for. It’s as easy as turning a few pages!

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