American Folklore

Each state in the United States has a fascinating history behind it. Much of this history became stories, which ultimately became folklore. Some of this treasured folklore has a grain of truth, while some of it appears to be the product of an extraordinarily vivid and active imagination.

Also, some of the states' folklore goes all the way back to their very beginnings, and sometimes even before that, to genuinely ancient times before the arrival of Europeans. Other pieces of state folklore are relatively new, going back only a few decades or less. The primary thing about the lore of the states is that the stories are incredibly engaging to people. The folklore stays in the memory, tantalizing the imagination. These stories are often told to children around campfires, at schools, at sleepover parties, and in books directed toward them. There are times the folklore is meant for a slightly more mature audience, and people may not learn the stories until college, or even well afterward, usually online or on a TV show.

In fact, some American folklore stories are so famous that they have been featured on TV. People have gone out into the wilderness with TV cameras to document the stories, especially if they have a supernatural bent.

Whether these American folklore stories are already well-known and beloved by you or new to you, there is no doubt you will find some fascinating tales in this intriguing collection.

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